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Mission Statement: To enlighten and encourage young women to achieve their goals. Promote continued mentorship for successive generations.

Strategic Priorities up to for 2021 :
  • Assisting young women with achieving their goals
  • Providing resources and workshops to enhance learning experience
  • Encouraging young women to further their education with College Prep
  • Providing one on one mentorship for young women
  • Creating life long relationships with each young women in our program
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About Us

Since 2012, we have been piloting the SWAG program with a group of girls and have seen dramatic improvements in the ways in which they view the world around them. The SWAG program provides students with access to mentoring services by highly trained professionals from backgrounds such as: social work, psychology, law, education, business and behavioral health, along with life skills training through multiple workshops, and college prep, throughout the year.

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Successful Women Achieving Goals is a 501 (C) (3) , top rated non profit organization which helps Philadelphia area girls between the ages of seven and nineteen make better life choices .

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We’ve Helped Over 400 Young Women With

For young women

Provide love to all young women so they can become powerful.

For young women

We support the young ladies, when they're going through hard time.

Group Activities
For young women

We provide many different activites for the young women to learn life skills.

For young women

Best teaching is teaching from experience and they're many adults, who can teach our young women.

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